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The Struggle for a Free Palestine State with Full UN Recognition

Following the 2012 United Nations General Assembly's vote to up-grade Palestine to a non-member Observer State, Now is the time for the UN to formally declare a free and sovereign Palestine.

Editorial: Sweden's new government's recent full recognition of a Palestine State, and the UK Parliamentary non-binding vote (13 October2014) asking the government to formally recognise Palestine as an independent state, The French General Assembly has now (02 December) also voted in a similar non-binding capacity, to call on the French government to recognise Palestine. Along with actions of other European countries, such pressures will help a united Palestinian authority's further aim to become a signatory to the Rome Statute of International Jurisdiction, paving the way for international UN legal action against Israel.
Grahame Morris MP Grahame Morris MP

(13 October 2014) Labour MP Graham Morris tabled the House of Commons motion, backed by his party's leadership, "That this House believes that the government should recognise the state of Palestine along side the state of Israel as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution." The motion was carried 274 to 12

(01 December) Graham Morris also led a Westminster Hall debate calling for an end to Britain's arms sales to Israel. The debate was in response to a public petition signed by 120,000 people calling on the government to "end the conflict in Palestine." Labour MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell called for a boycott of goods from illegal Israeli settlements.
Editorial: The United Nations have logged many war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Israel, but once again no criminal indictments will follow unless and until a Palestine State is formally welcomed into the family of United Nations.
Mr Netanyahu has declared he will not accept a free and united Palestine incorporating Gaza plus the occupied territories as neighbour, and continues to build on occupied land. Israel is the only State allowed to flout all international laws and protocol without international sanction. The now outdated mantra of Israeli persecution is no longer an excuse to act with total impunity against the Palestinians. Israel is now fast becoming a rogue state in the eyes of many otherwise supportive countries. It is a democracy in name only, operating outside normal international conventions and accepted protocol.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - Needs a Reliable Enemy to exploit. He has turned his attention from the contrived fear of annihilation from a nuclear Iran, to the destruction of Gaza. He has goaded Hamas supporters into taking offensive action by literally turning Gaza into a prison camp, with no access to the outside world. Gaza has been locked in by land, sea, and air for years.
With over 2000 Gaza citizens killed as collateral and thousands injured and made homeless to face winter, the West must cease its traditional and generally unquestioning support and arming of Israel.
Following Western engagement with Iran, Mr Netanyahu can no longer plausibly cry imminent annihilation from a nuclear Iran, so he has fallen back on his hatred of the perceived 'terrorists' next door Fatah in Gaza. Following the recent destruction of Gaza, the Doners' Conference convened in Cairo, and aiming to raise 2.5 billion towards Gaza reconstruction, was the backcloth for unity between the Leaderships of Fatah and Hamas as a united front in the campaign for UN recognition of a wider Palestine free state.

Western hypocrisy is obvious. Israel is the only state in the region allowed to possess an 'undeclared' nuclear arsenal. Israel should acknowledge its nuclear arsenal, and sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty and agree to UN inspections.

On the wider issue, Israel's extensive network of lobbyists in America, Britain and other Western countries tries desperately to maintain the image of a threatened people in order to justify Israel being able to act with complete impunity and outside of international rules and conventions.

Israel knows that if a Palestine State gains UN full membership status, or even becomes a signatory to the Rome Statute of International Criminal Jurisdiction, then some prominent Israeli politicians will be assessed for indictment for possible war crimes in both Gaza and South Lebanon when cluster weapons were used against civilian areas.

The hundred or more Western fighters who joined the Israeli IDF and now returning, many to Britain, should be investigated for joint involvement or implication in war crimes, and appropriate action taken, such as withdrawal of a British passport. Having witnessed such wanton killing what threat do they present when back in civilian society?

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